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1 review
Delicious authentic Chinese food. Looked on Yelp before ordering (since reviews on delivery apps arent always actually indicative of authenticity/quality of the food). This place is new, but their food was cooked perfectly and arrived earlier than expected. We got the chicken fried rice (delicious, rice was perfect, especially for delivery), hot chili chicken, shrimp fried hand pull noodles, and scallion pancakes with beef. I wasnt terribly impressed by the scallion pancakes (also I dont like cilantro, so those to whom it tastes like soap, beware) despite them being one of the most ordered items on the menu. The shrimp and noodles were good, but I was confused as to the fried part as nothing in the dish is actually fried. Overall, however, everything was delicious. Would definitely order again!


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The food was good and it was different than other restaurants. It comes with a soy egg and it's very good too. The scallion pancakes is something to die for. It is crispy and they cut it into snack size so you can pick it up and eat it nicely without having a big piece. The different types of fried chicken here is interesting too. It's actually cheap!! It's all worth it in the end and it was a great experience. Would order here again and again. Great restaurant!


4 reviews
Really great food with a selection one doesn't find typically in most Chinese restaurants in the US. The hand pulled noodles with shrimp in soup is delicious, the steamed dumplings are great, the steamed veggies are broccoli and baby boy choy--simple but good. Also had the ribs recently and they were good as an appetizer. The soup feels healthy and filling. We're happy to have found a rather different and delicious place that delivers here!


Top Reviewer
This restaurant is my go to for deliveries and take out! They're always on time, and if we order during peak hours, they always make sure to call to let us know that delivery might be a bit longer. The food is good, not greasy, tastes authentic and is affordable. The delivery person is always really nice too. Highly recommend!


Top Reviewer
I was impressed with this place. This matters because I'm not easily impressed. I ate the dumplings and the hand pull noodles and what have you. I did finish the things that I ordered. I recommend this place. That should be obvious based on the preceding sentences. I don't really know what else to tell you.

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Hand Pull Noodle and Dumpling House Reviews on Seamless


Top Reviewer
Good dumplings! Rice and noodles were also solid. A real step up over most of the other Chinese places in the neighborhood, in terms of freshness and authenticity. Pretty cheap too. Options are somewhat limited, but offer a nice change of pace over the usual variety as well.


Top Reviewer
First time ordering and food was amazingly fresh and authentic. It also tasted super healthy and prepared well. Super great find and bc will definitely order again!


1 review
The best Chinese food in the area for sure!!! Will always order from these guys from now on. No frills, simple handmade fresh ingredients ingredients and recipes


3 reviews
Love the duck soup noodles. But too many pork dishes, which I can't eat, wish there were more options for replacing the port with other meats


Top Reviewer
This place is consistently great and since its not Americanized it doesnt leave you feeling sick and tired.

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